Greg Mann

Greg Mann

Principal, The Fibonacci Design Group, LLC.

Greg is a founding partner of The Fibonacci Design Group, and a graduate and past faculty member of Art Center College of Design. Greg‘s experience in interactive brand building and strategic communications has led to the design of many award-winning campaigns.

Sloane Mann

Sloane Mann

Principal, The Fibonacci Design Group, LLC.

Sloane is a graduate with honors from UCLA, and a founding partner of The Fibonacci Design Group. She has employed her creative vision and strategic problem-solving to bring brands to life, designing work that produces positive business results for a wide range of clients.


2012 LACP Inspire Awards Platinum Award Phillips 66 “Benefits for Life’s Journey” SPDs with custom packaging

2012 Hermes Creative Awards Gold Phillips 66 “Your Retirement Journey” video

2012 LACP Inspire Awards Gold Phillips 66 “Your Retirement Journey” video

2008 Magnum Opus Gold Award  Best Overall Design Cisco Diversity Book

Topkote Paper Best in Show Award MGM 2003 Annual Report

2012 LACP Inspire Awards Silver Tesoro Corp. “Aren’t You Glad You Have Choices?” video

2008 Magnum Opus Gold Award Cisco Diversity Book Best Design New Publication

Silver and Bronze Broadcasting Design Award 1998 Poltergeist: the Legacy

2012 Hermes Creative Awards Platinum Tesoro Corporation “Aren’t You Glad You Have Choices?” video

2005 Magnum Opus Gold Award Public Works 2005 Annual Report

The Fibonacci Design Group is simply better than all the rest. They offer creative and thoughtful solutions. I have worked closely with them on a wide range of projects and look forward to the next one.

Joe Fitzgerald Sr. VP Media and Entertainment at Financial Profiles

I've always been in awe of The Fibonacci Design Group's creativity and flawless style. They get it. They are intelligent communicators. I've always loved working with them, and would again in a heartbeat.

Maggie Adams VP Asset Management, Art and Digital Services at Metro Goldwyn Mayer

The Fibonacci Design Group offers the rare combination of innovative strategy and unparalleled design. Their unique vision always hits the mark with consistency, accuracy, and exceptional beauty.

Priscilla Pesci Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at elumines